Colorado CCL Conservative Policy Caucus
This team is for CCL volunteers who are right of center, those who wish to expand their capacity to engage with conservatives on effective climate change solutions, and those who want to build productive relationships and further bipartisan solutions. Check out our Charter here. If interested in joining our team, contact Ron Dickson or Lois McLauchlan.

    Colorado CCL Diversity Outreach Committee
    We are committed to CCL’s mission of creating a more just, livable world for all. We focus on helping our chapters better meet the needs of under-represented and under-served communities, who are most often on the frontlines of climate crises. We work to build alliances with existing environmental organizations that advocate on behalf of BIPOC communities. We also develop resources to help our chapters diversify so that they may represent, better serve, and politically empower all people of Colorado. Note: This team is currently inactive and looking for a new Team Lead. If interested, contact state coordinator David Kline

    Colorado CCL Newsletter Team
    Our mission is to inspire, inform and connect our Colorado CCL volunteers and supporters, with the goal of helping them move to the next level of engagement in CCL’s work. Right now we're a team of three members representing three Colorado CCL chapters. If you're skilled at writing, editing, or layout, we'd love to have you contribute! Email

    Colorado CCL Social Media Team
    You are invited to join this outreach team if you wish to enhance Colorado CCL's social media message. Sign up here to receive emails to amplify our social media message — likes, thank you's, comments, shares, retweets, etc. For national-level resources, check out CCL's Social Media for Lobbying training, and on Facebook, CCL Social Media Action Team.

    Colorado CCL State Legislature Team
    This team evaluates legislation being considered by the Colorado State Legislature and recommends whether our Chapters support or oppose the bill. They also drive efforts to build relationships with the members of the key committees where environmental and energy legislation is considered. Each Chapter and CCL member is encouraged to also build relationships with their respective State House and Senate members. If you are interested in joining, contact either Fred Gustafson or Bob Blackburn.

    Metro Denver CCL Presenters Group
    This team's mission is to deliver the CCL policy messages to as many live or online audiences as possible. Every member wears two hats: scheduler and presenter. New members usually start as a scheduler, finding community groups and businesses who may be receptive to the CCL message. When ready, a scheduler can step into the presenter role. We provide one-on-one training as well as ample prefabricated support materials. Members are encouraged to personalize the presentations to match their style. If interested, contact Greg Winchell.